Spectrum Sport Timing started in 2001 with timing of the Energade Triathlon series. The company expanded to cycling and running events and we discover the need for a low cost timing system with good service. In 2006 we’ve started with UHF sports timing on mtb events and were the first company in SA to time events in this frequency range. We currently time over 160 events per year with two sport specific timing systems, a low frequency timing system with mats and ankle chips and high frequency system with number boards and tags attached to them. SSTiming can supply chips and number boards to race organisers to give athletes the opportunity to be timed without having to buy a timing chip. We can time mtb events with SAS or ROAG number boards. From 2016 SSTiming and ROAG have formed a partnership for events in Natal and Mauritius.

SSTiming have timed events like Sani2C, Wines2Whales, Berg&Bush, Magalies Monster Mtb&Trail run, SA Triathlon champs, Rockman Triathlon, etc

Spectrum Sport Entries started in 2015 with online entries in conjunction with Red Cactus. This offer race organisers the opportunity to have timing and online entries form one company at a low cost.


For more info on Spectrum Sport please contact our race office at: info@spectrumsport.co.za